CSmart Pro for craigslist App Reviews

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I love this app!

The idea alone is worth a million dollars. Being able to search CL all over the country is very useful. The only problem with this is that a lot people selling on CL dont want to accept PayPal or deal with shipping so it is kind of frustrating to finally find what you are looking for only to have to deal with one of these low tech low IQ skeptics that still exist in the world. I use it ALL the time. If youre a CL junkie like me this will be your favorite app. Ive been using it for several years now and probably havent gone a single day without searching for something.


This is the best thing to happen to Craigs List since Craigs List started

Too good of a program

Anyone that uses this program doesnt want anyone else to use this program and thats why no one leaves any comments about it or says much good about it. Its fast and more valuable than any other program if you are making money buying on craigslist. And that was a period. Selling on Craigs I dont know and have heard others are better. This could make many improvements that I will name a few there should be a way to delete unwanted posts without having to go into the page, this is time consuming and no one will do it. There should be saved emails you can paste into your email replies. There are more but these come to mind now. If you want to search the entire country in a few seconds on wifi accurately then this is it.


Great app. Finds you good deals as soon as they are posted! Spend a dollar to find amazing deals asap? Worth it.

Solid App

Works as advertised, still one of the best craigslist apps Ive used. I just wish the automated feature would work a little better.

No results

If I search on the web then I find apts but on this $2.99 app it says nothing found


This app is great I love it and spend hours watching for money making opportunities


Ive tried a handful of these Craigslist apps, and this is by far the best in how it sorts, organizes, and notifies about new listings.


Love it. Worth the money

Notifications for sales

Was inspired to look for this app based on the eBay app that sent me a notification every time something I was looking for came up. wanted to see if there was something I could use to do that for craigslist too and this is it, great app!

Great UI / stable

This is a well organized app out of all the Craigslist apps Ive come across. Most features as well. developer is VERY prompt in fixing any bugs or issues with the app, so dont hesitate to contact him.

Great App

The best craigslist app out there, also Have desktop version and both work Great.


Great app. Finds you good deals as soon as they are posted! Spend a dollar to find amazing deals asap? Worth it.


This looks like its from 1995. Its just awful.

Easy to use

Simple and user friendly

Great app

Best cl app out there. Pretty good over all. The notifications need a little improvement thats about it.

So far above all other Craigslist apps!

Dont hesitate to get this app. It is by far the best one available. I look forward to future updates.


After update I cannot search normally. I have 5 different locations set and it sits on 0%

Only one.

Although it takes a long time to set this app up to search the whole country, its the ONLY one that can do so. It has some glitches but does not freeze or crash like many others.The notifications seem to work well and it separates ads by date on a nice way so youre not reading the same ad again and again and again like the other apps. I think Ive tried all of the Craigslist apps and this is the only one thats worthwhile for large searches.

Extremely slow to refresh now

Slow after update

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